end of summer update. new haircuts and agenda.

hey everybody aaron here. Boy what a summer its been.


heres the doings.

Weve been on a temporary hiatus, as summer dictates. But are now back. We are working on new material and

have several shows coming up, including 3 out of town shows this week.

we’ll be hitting the road with our brothers from cleveland, all dinosaurs.

here are all the shows for the future.

8/16 philly

8.17 cleveland

8.18 pittsburgh.

9/28 (friday) radio downstairs (moe’s lounge) w/ manawithorn (ny) 8pm.

10/13 (saturday) RADIO upstairs, one year anniversary party BBQ. 1pm.

well thats all. more soon. peace and chicken grease.

keep it fresh.